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Dr. Linda Dean

Dr Linda Dean was born in Berlin in 1988. After finishing school, she moved to Ireland to study Information Technology and Translation. She worked as a freelance translator alongside her studies. As a PhD candidate, she was part of the research team at Dublin City University and in Symantec on the topic of machine translation.

She is a native speaker of both German and English.

Ask@co Sprachendienst GmbH welcomed Dr Dean into the team in 2015.


Short profile


German (A), English (A)


translating German-English and English-German


native-speaker of German and English

Education / qualification

Projects / clients

Active as a freelance translator since 2012, accompanying her studies, e.g. translation of market research projects for Market Research & Consultancy SARL

Permanent position with ask@co Sprachendienst GmbH since 2015.

Selected clients:

Selected clients from freelance translation services:

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