Dolmetschen European Police Congress

25th European Police Congress

Berlin, 11 and 12 May 2022

Behörden Spiegel

Dolmetschen Russisch

Repressions. Resistance. Relocation. Russian and Belarusian Media in War and Peace

Berlin, 11 and 12 May 2022

Dolmetschen GFFA

Challenges and Solutions for Sustainable Land Use

Berlin, 27 January 2022



Twin Towns Weimar/Tula

Weimar/Tula, 21 December 2021

City of Weimar


Participation in the Group Works Council

Wolfsburg, 1 to 3 December 2021

VW Wolfsburg

Dolmetschen DRJA

Think Tank – German-Russian Youth Exchange

Hamburg, 20 November 2021


Dolmetschen Siberian Wellness

Siberian Wellness Event

Belgrade, 12 and 13 November 2021

Siberian Health GmbH


Technical Audit

Schwedt, 1 – 12 November 2021


Dolmetschen Round Table

Roundtable South Eastern Europe

Berlin, 28 and 29 October 2021


Dolmetschen Kasachstan

Roundtable with Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Roman Sklyar

Herzogenaurach, 26 October 2021

German Eastern Business Association

Dolmetschen Hotel Adlon

Gala at Hotel Adlon

Berlin, 10 October 2021

German Russian Forum (DRF)

Dolmetschen - Petersburger Dialog

Bilateral Board Meeting

Moscow, 1-3 October 2021

Petersburg Dialogue

as@co Dolmetschen

“Meetup” Kick-off Meeting – Russian, English, German

Berlin, 29 June 2021

EVZ Foundation

Dolmetschen - Internet of things

Internet of Things – Opportunities and Chances for Cooperation between Russia and Germany

Berlin, 23 June 2021

German Eastern Business Association

Dolmetschen - Die Linke

Memorial Event: 80 Years Since the Attack on the Soviet Union

Berlin, 21 June 2021

Die Linke

Dolmetschen Hubert Seipel

Book Reading on “Putin’s Power: Why Europe Needs Russia”. Alexey Yusupov in Conversation with Bestselling Author Hubert Seipel

Berlin, 14 June 2021

German-Russian Forum (DRF)

Dolmetschen Vorstandssitzung

Board Meeting, Petersburg Dialogue

Berlin, 14 May 2021

Petersburg Dialog

askco Zoom

Online Training on Social Work, Child and Youth Welfare

ZOOM event, Nov/Dec 2020


Dolmetschen Deutsch-Russisches Forum

Partnerships as Bridges in German-Russian Communication

Berlin, 30 November 2020

Dolmetschen Reublik Kasachstan

Roundtable with HE A. Aidarov, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Schwanau, 6 November 2020

askco Zoom Ecolaw

Ecolaw & Ecoactivism in Germany and Russia

Berlin,  2 November 2020

Dolmetschen Berlin

Conference “Russia & the West” 2020 – Rapprochement or Systemic Conflict?”

Berlin, 9 September 2020

Dolmetschen Wirtschaft

German Business Representatives & the Deputy Prime Minister of the Rep. of Kazakhstan, Mr Sklyar

Dortmund, 20 January 2020

Dolmetschen - Grüne Woche

Green Week

Berlin, January 2020

Deutsch Russischer Wirtschaftskongress

German-Russian Economic Congress

Berlin, October 2019


10th German Russian Library Dialogue

Berlin, October 2019

Permanent International Congress

Permanent International Congress

Berlin, October 2019

Deutsch Kasachisches Wirtschaftsforum

German-Kazakh Business Forum

Berlin, October 2019

Jugenaustausch Sport

German-Russian Sports Youth Exchange

Dortmund, September 2019

Petersburger Dialog 2019

Petersburg Dialogue

Königswinter, July 2019


German-Russian Town Twinning Conference

Dortmund, June 2019


Presidential Talks between the Bundesnotarkammer, the Consejo General del Notariando and the CNUE Board

Berlin, 27 May 2019

Transportforum ITF 2019

International Transport Forum ITF 2019

Leipzig Trade Fair, 22-24 May 2019

Wettbewerbsfähigkeit 2019

6th Russia Conference “Russia’s Competitiveness – New Directions”

Berlin, February 2019

Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce e. V. (DIHK)

Deutsch Kasachisches Forum 2019

German-Kazakh Forum “Opportunities for German Companies in the Kazakh Agricultural Sector”

Berlin, 17 January 2019

Pressekonferenz Russische Saison

Press Conference for the Opening of the “Russian Season” Event Series

Berlin, Philharmonie, 7 January 2019

Kuratoriumssitzung 2018

Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” (EVZ)

Berlin, 13 December 2018

Workshop Energieeffizienz

Workshop on Energy Efficiency

Berlin, 4 December 2018


Gouverneur Wolodga

Accompanying the Governor of the Vologda Region

Berlin, 21 November 2018

Fokus Osteuropa

Conference “Focussing on Eastern Europe – Business in Dialogue”

Hamburg, 14 November 2018

Deutsch Russische Rohstoffkonferenz

11th German-Russian Raw Materials Conference

Potsdam, 6-8 November 2018


Symposium “Professional Exchange with Russia”

Berlin, 3-4 November 2018

Unternehmertag 2018

Russia Day, 2018 3rd Entrepreneur Day: Russia in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Rostock, October 2018

Healthcare Symposium 2018

German-East European Healthcare-Symposium

Berlin, October 2018

Official side event of the World Health Summit

Jugendforum 2018

Town Twinning Youth Forum

Hamburg, October 2018

Regionale Partnerschaften

Closing Ceremony of the Russian-German Year of Regional and Municipal Partnerships 2017/2018

Berlin, September 2018

Deutsch-Russisches Forum

Unternehmerkongress 2018

11th Entrepreneurship Summit – Germany-Russia

Berlin, September 2018

Wegweiser GmbH


Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

Berlin, June 2018

Kuartoriumssitzung EVZ

Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” (EVZ)

Prague, June 2018

Menschenrechte Ukraine

Conference “Human Rights and Freedom of the Media in Ukraine”

Berlin, June 2018

Fraktion Die Linke


Business Forum “Investment Opportunities in Kazakhstan”

Berlin, June 2018

Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Germany


Presentation of the Krasnodar Region

Berlin, May 2018

Trade Representation of the Russian Federation

Internationales Transportforum 2018

International Transport Forum

Leipzig Trade Fair, May 2018

Expert Seminar Human Rights

Expert Seminar on Human Rights

Berlin, May 2018

Open Russia

Business Climate Moscow

Public Talks, Business Climate in Moscow

Hanover Trade Fair, April 2018

Streitkräfte der Demokratie

Seminar “Armed Forces and Democracy”, German Institute for International and Security Affairs

Berlin, April 2018

Friedrich Joseph Haass Preis

Presentation of the Dr. Friedrich Joseph Haass Prize

Berlin, April 2018

Deutsch-Russisches Forum


Annual General Meeting of the Deutsch-Russisches Forum

Berlin, April 2018

Begleitung russischer Journalisten

Accompanying a Delegation of Russian Journalists to the Landing Station of the Nord Stream Pipeline

Greifswald, April 2018

Arsenij Roginskij

Memorial Event for Arseniy Roginsky

Berlin, March 2018


Wertediskurs mit Russland

Panel Discussion “Dialogue on Values with Russia”

Berlin, March 2018

Hertie-Innovation Kolleg

Ostauschuss der deutschen Wirtschaft 2018

Conference “New Growth, New Opportunities”

Berlin, February 2018

German Eastern Business Association

Grüne Woche 2018

Green Week 2018, Accompanying the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

Berlin, January 2018

PCK Schwedt

Rosneft Management Board visits PCK Schwedt

Schwedt, January 2018

GFFA 2018

Expert Panel at the GFFA “Growth Perspectives – Germany and Russia in Global Food Security”

Berlin, January 2018

Wasser Berlin

Conference “Water Berlin International”

Berlin, 2017

German Eastern Business Association

Krone Schmalz

Lecture Series with Prof. Dr. Gabriele Krone-Schmalz

Ilmenau, 2017

Deutsche Wirtschaft Kirgistan

2nd Day of the German Economy

Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek), 2017

Delegation of German Economy for Central Asia (AHK)

2017 Ukrainische Streitkraefte

Seminar with the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Berlin, 2017

German Institute for International and Security Affairs

Lenkungsausschuss Freiberg

German-Russian Raw Materials Forum

Freiberg, 2017

Steering Committee meeting

Jahresmitgliederversammlung 2017

German-Russian Forum (DRF)

Berlin, 2017

Annual membership meeting


International Transport Forum

Leipzig, 2017

Messe Leipzig

Fruit Logistika

Fruit Logisitka

Berlin, 2017

German Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations


Expert talk LNG

Berlin, 2017

German Parliamentary Association

Europäisches Alumium Forum

European Alumni Forum

Berlin, 2017

Go East Generationen e. V

DIHK Russland

Russia Conference

Berlin, 2017

Chambers of Commerce and Industrie (DIHK)

Deutsche Woche St.Petersburg

German Week in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg, 2017

Messe Hannover

Visit of the Russian Minister of Trade and Industry

Hannover, 2017

Fokus Osteuropa 2017

Conference “Focussing on Eastern Europe – Business in Dialogue”

Munich, November 2017

16. Petersburger Dialog

16th “Petersburg Dialogue”

Berlin, November 2017

European Annual Conference

European Annual Conference of Jewish Social Welfare

Berlin, December 2017

Konferenz Eurasischer Club

Conference of the Berlin Eurasian Club

Berlin, December 2017

AHK Mark Modern Mittelstand

Conference “Market, Modernisation, SMEs”

Berlin, 2015

German Chambers of Commerce Abroad AHK

Besuchsprogramm Wirtschaft

Visit of the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Mr Manturov

Stuttgart, 2015

Mangold Consulting

Deula Nienburg

Inspectors’ Trip for International Press Representatives


DEULA-Nienburg GmbH

Kasachischer Wirtschafrsrat

Meeting of the German-Kazakh Business Council

Berlin, 2015

Deutsche Bank

deutsch russische Gespräche

German-Russian Talks

Baden-Baden, 2015


German-Russian Museum Dialogue

Berlin, 2015

Stiftung preußischer Kulturbesitz

Wirtschaft Kasachstan

Economy Day of Kazakhstan

Berlin, 2015

Deutsche Bank

Gesellschaft auswärtige Politik

Lecture Series Event

Berlin, 2015

German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP)

DeutscheIndustrie und Handelskammer

German-Russian Economic Dialogue

Berlin, 2015

Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK)

Fruit Logistica 2015

Fruit Logistica

Berlin, 2015

German Eastern Business Association

Heinrich Boell Stiftung

“Donbass Diplomacy – Where to Go from Here?”

Berlin, 2015

org. interpreter B. von Arps-Aubert

Ukraine und EU

Ukraine, Russia and the EU

Berlin, 2015

org. interpreter B. von Arps-Aubert

Internationales Transportforum

International Transport Forum

Trade Fair Leipzig, 2015

Moscow Economic

Moscow Economic Forum

Berlin, 2015

Hotel Adlon

Petersburger Dialog 2015

14th Petersburg Dialogue “Modernisation as a Chance for a Common European House”

Potsdam, 2015

Wegweiser GmbH

5th Entrepreneurship Summit – Germany-Russia

Berlin, 2015

Wegweiser GmbH

Böll Geschichtsforum

History Forum

Berlin, 2014

org. interpreter B. von Arps-Aubert

Wasser Katja Froehlich

Self-Government of Water and Land Use, State of Brandenburg


GIZ event
organised by interpreter K. Fröhlich


Energy Efficiency – Sleeping Giant of the Energy Transition

Berlin, 2014

org. interpreter M. Goiny

Mangold Consulting

IHK Stuttgart, Russia Event

Stuttgart, 2014

Mangold Consulting

Potsdamer Begegnungen

Potsdam Encounters

Potsdam, 2014

Deutsch-Russisches Forum


International Sweets Business Forum

Berlin, 2014

org. interpreter M. Würzburg


Symposium “The Life of the War/ Aging Generation in Eastern Europe”

Berlin, 2010

German Association for East European Studies (DGO)

Lenkungsausschuss Petersburg

Steering Committee Meeting

Berlin, 2010

Petersburger Dialog e. V.

Jüdisches Museum

Conference “Eastern European Jewish Migrants in 1920s Berlin”

Berlin, 2009

Jewish Museum

Seminar Moskauer Schule

Seminar with the “Moskauer Schule für zivilgesellschaftliche Bildung”

Berlin, 2009

Deutsch-Russisches Forum

DGB Bundeskongress

19th DGB Federal Congress

Berlin, 2009


Konferenz Rail

Conference #Rail 2009


org. Dolmetscher W. Schulz

Petersburger Dialog München

9th Petersburg Dialogue

Munich, 2009

Stiftung deutsch-russischer Jugendaustausch

German-Russian Youth Parliament

Munich, 2009

Stiftung Deutsch-Russischer Jugendaustausch

Wirtschaftstag Kasachstan

Economy Day of Kazakhstan in NRW

Dusseldorf, 2009

Potsdamer Begegnungen 2008

Potsdam Encounters


Deutsch-Russisches Forum

Young Leader Seminar

Young Leader Seminar

Baden-Baden, 2008

German Eastern Business Association

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

“Stability and Security in Central Asia”

Berlin, 2008


BMW Stiftung Herbert Quandt

BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt