Bärbel Sachse

Bärbel Sachse was born in Dresden in 1960. As a child and teenager, she lived in Moscow for a total of 10 years – equipping her with near-native Russian language skills. She started her professional career in 1983 in the civil service, where she worked as a translator and interpreter at the Federal Ministry of Defence (Bundesministerium der Verteidigung) amongst other things. She has been working as a freelance interpreter and translator in Berlin since 2000.

In 2005, she founded ask@co Sprachendienst GmbH with some of her colleagues and has been Managing Director ever since.


Short profile


German (A), Russian (B), English (C)


simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, translating


exceptional language skills after living in Moscow for 10 years

Education / qualifications

  • qualified language professional (diploma)
  • graduated from Moscow State Linguistic University (1978 – 1983)

Great experience in the following fields

  • Bundeswehr (German armed forces) and NATO
  • international disarmament treaties
  • general politics
  • general law
  • economics
  • environmental protection
  • local politics
  • power industry
  • transport policy

Selected clients

  • German Bundestag (national parliament)
  • German Institute for International and Security Affairs
  • Deutsch-Russisches Forum e. V.
  • Petersburger Dialog e. V.
  • German Council on Foreign Relations e. V.
  • leading associations of the German economy  (OADWi, AHK, DIHK etc.)
  • party foundations
  • business enterprises (EADS, PCK Schwedt, Gazprom Germania etc. )
  • German banks
  • International Transport Forum
  • TV networks (ZDF, MDR)

Member of

  • BDÜ (Bundesverband der Übersetzer und Dolmetscher e.V.)
  • VKD (Verband der Konferenzdolmetscher)